New NSTS Sprayer Testers at BRM

Recently BRM have been experiencing an increased sprayer testing workload (which is always a good problem to have – we’re not complaining), so we’ve recently invested in two new testers.

Since 2004, we’ve been an authorised NSTS (National Spraying Testing Scheme) test centre, and over the years we’ve definitely seen our list of sprayers requiting tests grow year on year. In order to reduce your wait time, we’ve even employed more staff members to manage the sprayers testing, meaning that any downtime that may have initially occurred is significantly reduced.

Our Service team members Hugh and Robin have both recently undergone their National Spraying Testing Scheme training, and we’re proud to say they are now both qualified testers!

Both Hugh and Robin already have many years’ experience in servicing and repairing agricultural sprayers, so they will be able to adapt seamlessly to this additional role – providing you with an improved level of service, without any reduction in the quality of sprayer service and repairs we have always provided.

NSTS tested sprayers are a requirement of UK crop assurance scheme and supermarket protocols. Not only does a tested sprayer help sustain the environment, it can also help reduce your pesticide costs.

The sprayers undergo a total of 47 tests. In order for the machine to receive its pass certificate and be qualified to be used in the agriculture sector it must pass the first 30 key tests. The following 10 are not required, but advised, and the final are optional elements. Every single test that is carried out is to ensure that the machine runs effectively and efficiently, and that the machine is safe for both the operator and the environment.

Please contact us here at BRM if you wish to discuss or book a sprayer test. You can download a pre-test sprayer checklist and our price information here on our BRM website.

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